IPCA Expands Activities of EuroPilot Center

Kay Vereeken
September 16, 2020

Antwerp, September 16 2020.

The International Pilot Center Alliance (IPCA), in charge of EuroPilot Center's (Antwerp) and SoCal Pilot Center's (California) management, has invested in a structural expansion of the premises at the Antwerp Airport.

"The expansion of our training facilities is the answer to the strong growth of EuroPilot Center over the past 3 years. More space was required to provide our Personal Training, In Style" Says Leen Vandendriessche, Accountable Manager at EPC.

For this project, IPCA partnered with "De Meeuw", an innovative company providing contemporary and high-quality modular construction, specialized in educational and healthcare buildings.

"It’s always a pleasure to work with De Meeuw” Says Kay Vereeken, IPCA’s Executive Board Member. "They always deliver on time, stay on budget and provide the ultimate solution in offering flexible construction."

It’s no surprise that De Meeuw’s vision involves the fact that unused spaces are a thing of the past and buildings can be converted and reused where required.

Sustainability and Going Green

Sustainability is of paramount importance and as an Aviation Training Organization (ATO), leaving a CO2 footprint is unfortunately inevitable. Nevertheless, IPCA opted to ensure that all heating and cooling is  electrically powered. The same applies to the innovative ventilation system which ensures minimal energy losses.

Solar & off-grid Tesla Powerwall

As a logic consequence, the building will be equipped with a high-tech Solar Roof consisting of SunPower solar panels as well as an off-grid Tesla Powerwall system. This will enable us to make all full-motion and fixed-base simulator training, as well as all ground school operations environmentally friendly.Our contribution to sustainability is just the beginning.

At IPCA, we’ll be sharing some more exciting news in the coming months about our EASA & Part 141 satellite in California.

Expansion of the EPC Building – Antwerp Airport
About the Author:
Kay Vereeken
Kay Vereeken started his Aviation Career at the age of 16 and did his first commercial flight at the age of 21. He worked for 3 different Airlines in Europe, flying the F50 and BAE146. Ten years and 8,500 flying hours later, he decided to dedicate his life to his ultimate passion: Professional Pilot Training. Together with his spouse, he founded, EuroPilot Center (Antwerp) and SoCal Pilot Center (Southern California).